Fogo de Chão, aka gorging on beef

Fogo-01I recently had one of those celebratory yearly type occasions *cough*. And Nerd Horde member Rob had commented last month on how he needed to save up so he could try the Brazilian steak house buffet in Indy — Fogo de Chão. So I declared we needed to go for this nameless occasion. There was some cajoling involved because Rob didn’t want to crash our celebration.

We made plans, got reservations, and then starved ourselves for 24 hours. (more…)


XtremeXperience with MG (long post)


Nissan GT-R


For a year and a half or so now I’ve been on deal-a-day lists like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Amazon Local. Several driving experience deals have come and gone, to be expected considering I live in the land of Nascar and Indycar (aka Indiana). When the first decent one came up, I’d asked MG if he’d be interested in it and he told me no. And then two months later he admitted that he had been interested, but the bastard hadn’t wanted me to spend the money. That burned my butt. So I kept a look out for deals after that. (more…)